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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boxer and Fruitdealer Blizzcon Interview

Q: Your thoughts on attending Blizzcon this year?
Fruitdealer: This is my first time attending this type of event. I never thought there would be so many people, and the spectators' intensity level is high, which is helping amp me up as well.
Boxer: The tickets are very expensive, but they still sold out very fast. I envy this type of gaming culture. I saw others being able to play matches outside of Korea for WCG, and now I get to play a match in a foreign country as well. Even though I lost, a lot of fans came to support me and cheer me on after the match. If I get the opportunity, I hope I can play against even more opponents.

Q: Thoughts on yesterday's game?
Boxer: The journey here was very long, so in order to make up for the jetlag I didn't practice. I saw Fruitdealer practicing and I realized he wasn't using his full strength. He seemingly didn't play properly in his games in order to conceal his true power. Even though I wen tall out, I still lost. But I think for me this was a good learning experience.
Fruitdealer: My condition wasn't so great either yesterday. I practiced in America, but my probability of winning wasn't even 30% in my opinion. But in the game, I got very lucky, so the result was good. Also, I got to play the Boxer who I respect so much, so I had to play hard against him.

Q: Yesterday, you (Fruitdealer) receivd Blizzard's gift of a fruit mascot.
Fruitdealer: I have no words to describe the feeling. I've lost a lot of gifts in the past, but I will make sure to treasure this one.

Q: Boxer, what's the difference between BW and SC2?
Boxer: BW's most interesting feature is the control: the control group keys were simply not sufficient for huge armies. In SC2, aside from this, everything else is pretty interesting. On top of that, the intellect required is much higher.

Q: When did you (Boxer) decide to switch to SC2, and when did you start practicing?
Boxer: After the SPL finals ended, I started preparing to switch to SC2. I hadn't been able to play for a long time, about 1 and a half years I think. I'm really sorry to everyone for that. I saw fans change over to SC2 one by one. I entered the coaching staff, but seeing an end to my progaming career was just distressing to me, and I didn't know how to choose. But since there were so many fans waiting to see me play, and I still wanted to be a progamer, I decided to switch.

Q: Since you're (Boxer) a historic icon of eSports, was the burden great?
Boxer: Very great. So I could only announce my participation in GSL the day before the prelims. Delaying the announcement to the limit also delayed the chaos for a few days.

Q: In SC2, you're also performing very well, what's the biggest advantage BW gamers get from transitioning to SC2?
Boxer: In War3, the workers can stop, but in BW, the workers pertty much don't stop, so the advantage is great.
Fruitdealer: BW gamers should become accustomed to SC2 faster.

Q: Because SC2 was the reason you (Boxer) continued your gaming career, if there were no SC2 would you have stayed a coach?
Boxer: SC2's release did present an excellent opportunity, and it resolved my greatest issue. I feel like it's lucky. Right now, the feeling of excitement is the same as when I first started playing BW, so I'm playing towards the same level. I'm prepared to be a progamer until I'm at least 35. For the fans, I won't just play 1 or 2 years. The longer the better.

Q: Your (Boxer) goal is to be a 30 year old progamer, how about a statement for the younger generation?
Boxer: Age isn't a problem, the most important thing is self-management. As people get older, their dreams get bigger, and their perception of the near future becomes hazy. APM is also not a problem; it's one's own skill that counts.

Q: Fruitdealer, until how old do you expect to play?
Fruitdealer: As long as possible, but my military service is coming up, so I'll work hard until I get my notice of military service. Once I'm discharged, if I can still catch up to the other progamers, I'll continue playing, but otherwise I'll look for another path in life.

Q: Fruitdealer, right now your SC2 popularity is much greater than in BW, how do you feel about that?
Fruitdealer: Very happy. I'm ashamed to say this, but right now I'm feeling very moved. I want to take group photos or sign autographs for the fans, but I'm too shy. Also, since Blizzcon is in America, there's a language disconnect, so when the American fans talk to me I'm a little frightened. But being able to feel popularity here which I never felt back in Korea has me overjoyed.

Q: Mike Morhaime even raised your (Fruitdealer) name in the opening ceremony.
Fruitdealer: I didn't see the opening ceremony, so I don't know about the situation. But the fact that he's heard of me makes me quite honored.

Q: Boxer, as a figure almost synonymous with BW's history, do you think SC2 will need a KeSPA-like association?
Boxer: When I switched to SC2, I didn't have much of a goal, and I didn't even think that far. In the best case scenario, KeSPA and Blizzard actually come to a negotiation and KeSPA also takes care of SC2, but if that's impossible, the SC2 scene will have to build something up. But SC2 and BW are different; SC2 has the precedent and experience of BW, and its scene can avoid missteps. Also, the Blizzards of BW and SC2 are on totally different scales, and the funds are greater for SC2 tournaments. I think the SC2 the SC2 scene will become very huge.

Q: Did the people around you (Boxer) say disparaging words when you switched to SC2?
Boxer: They didn't say it to my face, but I feel like in their hearts they might have thought it.

Q: There's been talk that you (Boxer) have joined a team, but also that you're an individual? [T/N highly unsure]
Boxer: Joining a team is necessary, and I'm in the middle of considerations, but since I don't have a plan yet, there isn't much to say.

Q: Fruitdealer, people have said you don't have a lot of passion and that your games are always with one method and the same opening.
Fruitdealer: It's hard to have passion while playing Zerg, actually. In defending, Zergs rarely do anything unusual. I've thought about it a lot, but anything nonstandard is simply too difficult to carry out. The talk about my out-of-game passion is probably because of my personality issues. If I do any ceremonies but end up losing, I'll be really ashamed of myself. Since I know there needs to be some passion, once I improve some more I'll consider adding ceremonies. But if I turn the tables in a losing situation, I'll definitely release all my passion.

Q: How about dancing with units, Fruitdealer?
Fruitdealer: It's hard to use it in a game. It's possible once the game has ended, but the obs will not necessarily catch it. If I'm not careful and I slip up chatting, I'll definitely be warned (haha). It's only really possible while performing a baneling bust, but by that point the game is probably already over.

Q: After you return to Korea, you'll participate in the GSL Ro32 immediately. Will the travel have an effect on your play?
Fruitdealer: Right now, they're doing adjustments [T/N ?] so in the 2 or 3 days before the games I'll be practicing. After I get home, even if I don't bother to fix the jetlag and I just play, it should still be fine.
Boxer: If I rest one day, my condition will be much better. The Ro32 is the biggest obstacle. I get back on the 25th before dawn, so in order to fix the jetlag I'll rest a day, so I only get one day to practice. But I feel like if I pass this obstacle, I'll obtain success.

Q: How much do you practice per day?
Boxer: 30+ games. I have to concentrate my energy in each game.
Fruitdealer: I think that it doesn't matter how much I play so long as I play each game well. I usually play 20-30 games or so, though.

Q: Do you two want to meet in the GSL finals?
Boxer: In this exhibition, I went all out, but I still lost 0-2. If I had prepared better, I feel like the outcome would have been different. Next time, if I have the chance, I'll prepare fully.
Fruitdealer: Yesterday I won, but if we meet in the GSL, I'll have a lot of pressure. Even though I don't want to face Boxer again, if we meet in the finals, it'll definitely be a great match. It would be the talk of the town in the eSports scene.

Q: How do you view the recent patches?
Boxer: I'm very weird, in every patch it's the units I love to use that are nerfed. Before, I liked to use tanks, and now they are nerfed. I also liked 3rax, but that strategy was nerfed. More unsettling is that not only was Terran nerfed, Zerg was buffed. I spent two hours writing a letter to David Kim (dayvie). Every time, the new patches are hard to adjust to, so I hope in the future the changes aren't cataclysmic.
Fruitdealer: In terms of Zerg, aside from defense, right now playing is more comfortable due to less early problems. But it seems that the special aspects of SC2 have been decreasing. Even though I'm doing well, other players might consider it bad.

Q: Have you (Fruitdealer) written to Blizzard before?
Fruitdealer: I haven't, but Check and David Kim (dayvie) are familiar with each other. I saw Check send a lot of emails to David Kim. It's possible he's part of the reason Zerg has been getting buffs.

Q: And you, Boxer?
Boxer: Every time a certain Zerg sends emails to Blizzard, it's always reps in which they lose. I think we Terrans should unite as well and send some losing reps.

Q: Is that Zerg Check?
Boxer: Yep. (haha)

Q: How did you (Fruitdealer) spend your first prize money?
Fruitdealer: I haven't even received the prize money yet, but perhaps that's a good thing. Recently there have been a lot of people calling me. Once I get the money, I'll send it to my parents. We'll discuss together how to spend it. Also, now that Zerg is stronger, there are people saying a Zerg will win it all again, but to me the Ro32 is a great barrier. If I can cross this barrier, I'll be confident I can perform the rest of the way.

Q: Strategies can all be read online, so does that have an impact on practice? Do you hope Blizzard will improve on that?
Boxer: There's been talk that Blizzard has been working hard all along to fix this issue. Since they're working to resolve it, we can only wait. There's another point regarding control which is unsatisfying. Often, using a smurf online is for the purpose of not letting others know who you are, so as a result control methods have been discovered. The game system being too good is also a problem; it should be switched to a worse one. (haha) [T/N this whole response is full of things I'm not clear on]

Q: Many people say you (Boxer) should help cultivate a 2nd or 3rd Boxer. Right now, in SC2, do you think there are any gamers that can be another Boxer?
Boxer: I haven't switched for that long, so I'm not so clear on it. If there were more positions, my pressure to switch would have been reduced.

Q: Any final remarks?
Boxer: I hope there can be more global tournaments. If next time I get another opportunity to participate in Blizzcon, I hope it won't conflict with another competition. I intend to bring my full condition to the next game.
Fruitdealer: Nothing to say (-o-)

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